About the Author

Lynn has been telling stories since she squeaked out her first sentence which, according to her mother, sounded something like “Listen to me.”

Since then, her vocabulary has expanded, her manners have improved, and she’s compiled some 60+ years of life experience; all of which are crammed into the pocket where she incubates her ideas for new stories.

A 30-year career in public relations, both as an employee and a successful business owner, indulged Lynn’s inquisitive mind and fueled her passion for helping individuals and organizations speak their truth about issues that matter.

“I had the job that never got old,” Lynn claims. “Every industry has its own vernacular and culture, which were so intriguing to explore. But despite the delightful diversity in my client base, I learned that most communication shares a common process when it comes to creating impact. Ensure the integrity of the message and engage the listener with respect.”

Today, Lynn is doing the same thing with her new venture Pocket Soup, a growing collection of affirmations, stories, and letters about real and fictional people who have something to say about living well. Written with kind intention and delivered with insight and humour, Pocket Soup offers a savoury melange of feel good to go for readers who crave a taste of spicy soul food.

When she is not rummaging through her pockets, Lynn is exploring nature’s trails, travelling hither and yon, being spellbound by classical music, offering support to those who bump into life’s sharp corners, and playing outrageously silly games with her grandchildren who are convinced she is almost 100 years old.

Lynn and her husband Gary share their lives with five remarkable adult children and their growing families.


The Pocket Soup Block Prints

Hand-carved and hand-pulled by Printmaker Linda Cote

The Pocket Soup icons are designed by printmaker Linda Cote. Using an ancient technique, Linda hand-carved the designs into a flat block, inked the block with a roller, then hand-pulled each illustration on paper.

The icons were further enhanced using a mixed media technique, where the block prints overlay ephemera from real life, integrating remnants that deepen the meaning of the illustrations. The circle shapes are an echo of the ongoing ‘circle of life’ we all encounter.

The designs were chosen to represent the different sections of the Pocket Soup website:

The Pocket Change icon features a diver from a high-altitude perspective. The map background represents the path of life, and how bits of wisdom can help us refine our direction.

The Silly Soup icon features a child doing a handstand in that delightfully irreverent way of childhood. The musical background invites us all to dance and play, and never forget our human joy.

The Good Folk icon features two people in an attitude of support, hinting at the noble gestures that humans are capable of. The dictionary page background suggests that words bring meaning to our lives.

The Stock Pot icon, with a person riding an elephant, illustrates the importance of making peace with things that seem big and overwhelming. The vintage recipe background implies generational wisdom.

Linda is a big fan of Lynn’s writing, and is happy that such a collaboration could occur for this wonderful website project!

For more artwork and information on Linda Cote Studio, visit www.lindacote.ca


Pocket Soup brand design

Logo and digital pieces created by Michelle Côté

Michelle is the graphic artist behind Violet De Vine Design. She teamed up with Lynn and Linda to create the logo and stationery design for Pocket Soup, and help form the look and feel of the brand.

Using the beautiful block prints Linda created, Michelle transitioned the artwork into digital form to create the banners, headers and Pocket Soup section graphics used on the website. These pieces were paired with Lynn's words and Michelle pulled all the elements together to build a website with a cohesive look and flow. (Thank you to Tom Rhodes and Danny Jones for their fantastic website structure and programming assistance).

Living and working in windy Lethbridge, AB, Michelle helps clients across Canada more successfully communicate their marketing and branding projects.

Michelle, Lynn and Linda have worked together in the past, so the Pocket Soup opportunity was a perfect fit. Michelle has been inspired by both of these incredible women. Each helped shape her career path and have been fabulously supportive throughout the past decade. Michelle considers both to be mentors and friends and has thoroughly enjoyed collaborating and bringing the Pocket Soup project to life.

You can check out Michelle's art and design portfolio at violetdevine.com.